Accessibility statement for the Numbas editor#

The Numbas editor should be accessible to everyone who needs to or would like to use it.

Accessibility is an important consideration during the design and development process. We regularly test Numbas against a variety of accessibility requirements.

This statement was prepared in October 2019.

What’s covered by this statement#

The Numbas editor interface, including the question and exam editors.

What’s not covered by this statement#

This statement does not cover the Numbas exam interface seen by students or the Numbas LTI tool provider.

Compliance with standards#

We aim to meet WCAG 2.1 AA level standards.

Particular accessibility requirements we’ve designed around#

  • Still usable when zoomed to 200%.

  • Colour is never used as the sole means of conveying information.

  • Ensure a colour contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1 (WCAG level AA) throughout the interface.

  • The interface can be navigated entirely with the keyboard.

  • Layout is responsive and usable on screens with a variety of resolutions.

Known accessibility issues#

The colour contrast on some button labels does not meet WCAG AA level standards.

We haven’t spent much time using the editor with a screen reader. Navigating the interface can be cumbersome, and parts of the interface that update in response to actions aren’t automatically read out.

The editor interface is not very easy to use on narrow screens such as mobile devices.

Who to contact if you have problems or want to give feedback#

Contact us through any of the following: