Uploading an exam to the web

Numbas exams are, from the point of view of a web browser, just web pages with script files attached. So it’s very easy to put a fully functional Numbas test on the web - all you need is somewhere to put it.


These instructions will show you how to get a version of your exam which runs on the web and doesn’t track scores. For instructions on obtaining and using a version which can be uploaded to a VLE such as Blackboard or Moodle, see Uploading an exam to a virtual learning environment.

Each question and exam has a download link in the sidebar which, when clicked, offers a selecton of options. Click on the standalone .zip (no SCORM) link to download a package suitable for standalone use on the web.

Extract the zip file on your computer, and then upload the resulting files to a new directory on your webspace. Most often you’ll be able to do this through an FTP client - ask your server administrator.

Once you’ve uploaded the exam files, you’re done! The exam will be available at the address you uploaded it to.